TRON4.0 upgrade: Fraternity charity takes the opportunity to build a global community and build core consensus

3 min readJan 13, 2021

2021 has just arrived. Looking back at the blockchain hotspots of last year, from the exchange leverage at the beginning of the year to the current Defi, waves of new token projects have appeared. The direction is changing faster and faster. Many investors are helpless, so I sigh that I can’t keep up with the iterations. When I understand it, I don’t dare to participate in it anymore. These hotspots have linked the development process of the blockchain industry in 2020.

In contrast, the Fraternity charity platform is your better choice. It is the world’s first decentralized charity platform based on the TORN public chain. It utilizes and utilizes the decentralization, immutability and fairness of blockchain technology. The characteristics and advantages of justice will completely subvert the existing charity industry. Charity funds can be converted into tokenized forms, and charity funds are 100% decentralized contract allocation, which means that charity assets can be subdivided on the digital ledger. For investors, on the one hand, Fraternity can not only allow itself to participate in charity activities to help more people in need, on the other hand, it can obtain a certain income by sharing Fraternity charity.

Fraternity-DAPP is a charity platform based on TRON4.0 public chain open source code development and executed in accordance with smart contracts.

What is TRON4.0? What has changed? Since the official launch of the TRON mainnet on June 25, 2018, it has undergone three major version changes. The upcoming TRON 4.0 era will include the most advanced TRONZ anonymity protocol, the stable currency TRC20-USDT with the largest increase in circulation, and the most complete TRON DApp ecology. As another milestone in the ecological construction of TRON, TRON 4.0 includes a series of heavyweight functions: 1. Support privacy features, support zero-knowledge proof in the virtual machine, user privacy data will be better protected; 2. The new two-layer consensus mechanism can achieve faster block confirmation and provide security guarantees for cross-chain protocols; 3. TICP cross-chain protocol, to achieve safe and efficient inter-chain intercommunication and asset transfer, unique incentive mechanism, to achieve true decentralized cross-chain; 4. Enterprise-level one-click distribution chain, launches the TRON network development framework, supports customized development, and enterprise developers can quickly deploy application chains based on their own business scenarios.

Blockchain TRON has developed into the world’s top three public chains, and the ecology is gradually developing and improving, bringing unlimited possibilities to the industry. Blockchain is currently a key technology for global development, and it has a great leading role in the next era of the Internet. Compared with its application in the field of public welfare, Fraternity will use the opportunity to build a global charity community, build core consensus, and lead the way.

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