The epidemic is sweeping the world, Fraternity Charity is in action

2 min readDec 18, 2020


As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spreads around the world, it has caused widespread concern, fear, and stress, all of which are natural and normal responses to the ever-changing and uncertain conditions that everyone is stuck in.

For all of us, this is truly an unprecedented period, especially for children facing huge destruction of their lives. Children may feel worry, anxiety, and fear, which may include fears that are very similar to those experienced by adults, such as fear of death, fear of death of relatives, or fear of fear.

In December, Fraternity officially entered the Asian market and launched an Asian charity initiative. From 2013 to 2020, “Clover” charity has gone through 7 years, collecting more than 61,000 books, 132,119 people’s love, sending love to 16 schools around the world, and sending supplies to 48 poor areas. Redmond Drew has always advocated that everyone should do their utmost to help more people, especially hungry children and women, to provide as much food and security as possible. This is also the firm philosophy of the Fraternity charity platform to help others.

Everyone gives their little love, and the world will be more harmonious and stable.

Next, Fraternity uses blockchain technology to realize decentralized charity community management, recruiting 100 charity ambassadors from the outside world, and each charity ambassador will form its own clover community.

In the early stage, Fraternity will also subsidize a certain percentage of economic expenses and later business assistance to these communities, the purpose is to allow participating charity ambassadors to pass their love baton to more people, infect everyone around them, and warm you and me. He allows everyone to participate in charity, and these 100 clover community charity service points also symbolize the 100 shining stars that are perfect and will carry our good blessings. Pass on the power of knowledge, care, commitment and wealth.

The epidemic has dealt a heavy blow to the lives of every family, but Fraternity Charity has been acting.

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