Fraternity smart contracts empower the transparent development of charity platforms

3 min readJan 29, 2021


With the continuous development of the global charity industry, the number of charitable organizations has increased year by year, and the problems of traditional charity organizations such as low information transparency and lack of regulatory systems have become increasingly prominent. In recent years, the “confidence crisis” triggered by the frequently exposed public welfare scandals has repeatedly pushed the public welfare industry to the forefront of public opinion.

The philanthropy industry urgently needs to be transparent and credible. How to ensure the transparent development of the philanthropy industry and rebuild the trust mechanism has become an important issue for the philanthropy industry. Blockchain technology has the advantages of traceability and anti-tampering. The charity trust mechanism reconstructed by blockchain technology will also promote the world to enter the stage of blockchain public welfare 4.0, thereby realizing the vision of “public welfare for all”.

The previous charitable public welfare organizations had the shortcomings of low management efficiency, lack of necessary supervision and auditing, non-disclosure of information, insufficient transparency of operation methods, and the disappearance of donations for charity.
So how does blockchain technology play its value in the field of charity?
1. Using the traceability feature of blockchain information, the process of supervising the distribution and distribution of donated materials can be supervised by everyone, whether it is a donor or a beneficiary, can clearly know the flow of the donation, so that the donation can be implemented.
2. Utilize the automatic execution feature of block smart contracts to effectively solve the cumbersome process and “manual” operation in traditional public welfare projects. Before the start of this process, you only need to set the required conditions in advance to give full play to its intelligent characteristics without manual intervention throughout the process.
3. Utilizing the attribute of the blockchain as a shared ledger, breaking data information islands, making donated data and distribution data public, and recording relevant data information in each process to achieve real-time traceability of data information.

Fraternity-Dapp is the world’s first decentralized charity interactive project based on the open source code of TRON’s mainstream public chain. It makes full use of the decentralized, non-tamperable, fair and just characteristics and advantages of blockchain technology. Will completely subvert the existing charity industry. Charity funds can be converted into tokenized forms, and charity funds are 100% decentralized contract allocation, which means that charity assets can be subdivided on the digital ledger. Every charity fund donated by the Fraternity Clover community is open and transparent.

The Fraternity charity platform writes the entire operating system code on the blockchain, which cannot be tampered with, cannot be closed, and runs automatically without any manual intervention. It is a smart contract developed on the TRON technology chain. Its business logic protocol and financial data information are deployed at the height of the TRON block. The contract address: TY1rGnXD3nLoCNKzqabWBBtsTfchoprzpp

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