Fraternity Charity: Completely Decentralized Execution

2 min readFeb 7, 2021

Fraternity-Dapp is the world’s first decentralized public welfare interactive project based on the open source code of TRON’s mainstream public chain. In December 2020, Fraternity officially entered the Asian market and launched an Asian charity initiative. Fraternity Charity uses blockchain technology to realize decentralized charity autonomous community management. Taking full advantage of the decentralized, non-tamperable, fair and just characteristics and advantages of blockchain technology, it will completely subvert the existing charity industry.

The main existing problems in traditional philanthropy in terms of fund management and information recording are:
1. The review of the information of recipients and donation projects is not strict enough to be true and effective.
2. The fundraising and use process is difficult to be transparent and open.
3. Public welfare funds are first entered into the central institution’s account, and then the institution will operate and process, multi-level operations.

With the characteristics of distributed accounting, decentralization, and non-tampering of blockchain technology, the trust mechanism is reconstructed from the technical level to solve the problems of information disclosure and transparency of charitable organizations. In short, the focus is on whether the information is fully ‘chained’.

The Fraternity charity interactive project, there is no ICO financing, no participation in the precipitation of funds, no deceit everyone to join for free, and the logic of the whole project is free of bubbles, never collapse, and exist forever. As long as the TRON public chain is present, the Fraternity smart contract project is Has always existed; all programs are structured on the TRON smart contract, which can be operated through any decentralized wallet, and the blockchain decentralization technology is absolutely safe. At present, no hacker can successfully attack, plus the anonymous feature, it is more capable Attract a large number of participants.

The Fraternity charity project is completely transparent, and anyone can audit its code. Investors did not leave their funds in the central reserve account, and participating funds came in and out, and fully decentralized smart contract execution.

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