Blockchain Charity under the Defi Wave: Fraternity Charity Platform

3 min readMar 1, 2021

The rapid rise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) in the past year has become a testament to the decentralized network reshaping the investment world. Based on the vision of supporting blockchain and digital assets on the chain, decentralized platforms have begun to open up new possibilities. But this is only the beginning. DeFi has the potential to fundamentally reshape our economic system and change the way people invest. This includes who is allowed to participate and how to manage the market itself.

DeFi has already brought obvious benefits to investors, not just profits directly gained as the market continues to rise. It is because in addition to providing more investment opportunities for institutions and individuals, DeFi also provides a new way of profiting. From new debt instruments to liquid mining, DeFi is not only decentralizing existing investment methods, but also creating new investment models.

When we are doing philanthropy, we often ask: “Where did the money I donated?” Unfortunately, we often don’t know. The public most want to know the business activities and financial information of charitable organizations. However, the monitoring results show that charitable organizations are most stingy with financial information such as fundraising purposes, project implementation effects, and annual financial accounting reports.

Obviously: Fraternity-DAPP is the world’s first decentralized charity interactive project based on TRON’s mainstream public chain. It makes full use of Ftaternity smart contracts and takes advantage of the decentralized, non-tamperable, fair and just characteristics of blockchain technology. And advantages, will completely subvert the existing charity industry. It is worth mentioning that almost all Fraternity team members come from the world’s top virtual currency exchanges and top game developers. Their combination will make the concept of “fair philanthropy based on blockchain technology” perfect. The charity fund of the Fraternity charity platform is equivalent to a derivative ecological application of decentralized finance.

With the continuous growth of the DeFi market, user needs and services on the market have become more and more diversified. Users and funds have shown a large-scale growth, and “large chain operators” have also begun to want to protect their own funds flow. There may be a way to go before the DeFi ecosystem matures. It is necessary to ensure that everything from the source of product development to the user’s operation process Comply with regulatory requirements, secure audit results, and have a set of definite compliance procedures. Only in this way can we increase our confidence in these services. At the same time, systemic paralysis has occurred, so that the industry can become more mature.

The Fraternity philanthropy platform is a decentralized philanthropy platform under the DeFi wave, and its value ecological positioning has been continuously established. The Fraternity global community will continue to usher in more outbreaks to support the growth of the entire DeFi field and the continuity of ecological applications.

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