Announcement on Fraternity2.0 Smart Contract Update

4 min readJan 25, 2021

Dear Fraternity charities:
First of all, thank you family members for your recognition and support of the platform since the launch of the platform. Since the platform was launched one month ago, we have accumulated more than 2,000 fans, the platform has completed 6 million USDT charity interaction flows, and accumulated 24,000 USDT of clover global charity funds. On January 14, 2021, Clover Global Charity Fund donated 20,000 yuan to Jinzhushan Primary School in Maoming City, Guangdong Province, equivalent to 3,100 USDT for the upgrade of the primary school’s teaching facilities. This is a good start. The future platform will further regulate the charity fund The application and use of the Lucky Grass Charity Fund will help more people in need, fulfilling its mission of loving education and helping the poor!

During the first month of operation of the platform, there have also been many drawbacks. I would like to express my sincere apologies to Fraternity family members! The disadvantages are summarized as follows:
1. The winning rate of each round is 20%, which causes the participants’ capital loss to be too fast, and the market development speed cannot keep up with the rate of capital loss. As a result, the turnover of each round cannot grow steadily, which undermines market confidence and affects market development;
2. The winning rate of 20% per round also causes the clover to synthesize too fast (on average 2~3 days to synthesize a plant), the clover accumulates fast, and the flow of each round fails to increase steadily, resulting in clover The dividend amount is too low, which affects market development;
3. The market dynamics rewards are too high, which divides the interests of the end participants, resulting in insufficient enthusiasm for the end participants.

For the long-term stable development of the platform and to welcome new teams to enter the platform, with the approval of Clover Charity Foundation, the Fraternity platform will be updated to version 2.0 in the second round on January 28, 2021. The updated content of version 2.0 is as follows:
1. The winning rate is adjusted to 10%, that is, the last number of the hash record of the last charity interaction of each round is the winning number, and the single digit of the number returned by the successful participation in the charity interaction is the winning number. The charity interaction will get a clover leaf , 90% of charity interactions get 2% of participation prizes, and the percentage of unsuccessful prizes allocated for each round accounts for 91.8% of the total turnover of each round;
2. Reduce the allocation of marketing promotion rewards, remove the VIP4 and VIP5 levels, and the marketing rewards are shown in the following table:

Remarks: (1) All rewards are settled every round, based on the turnover of each round;
(2) Only one generation of team equal rewards will be issued;
(3) Each round of the charity interaction fund that does not win a prize will generate marketing promotion rewards. The maximum amount of marketing promotion rewards is 2.2%, which actually accounts for 2.2%*90%=1.98% of the total turnover of each round.

3. Every time the user participates in charity interaction, 0.2USDT of charity money is generated, that is, 0.2% of the turnover per round goes into the Clover Global Charity Fund wallet;
4. The number of charity ambassadors has been reduced from 100 to 30 (there are currently 28 charity ambassadors on the platform). Each charity ambassador receives 0.01% of the total turnover of each round of the platform, and the total dividends of 30 charity ambassadors account for the total turnover of each round of the platform. 0.3%;
5. Multiple clover in one account will participate in the bonus of clover, and all clover on the platform will equally distribute 5% of the turnover of each round;
6. The total amount allocated for each round of the platform is: 91.8%+1.98%+0.2%+0.3%+5%=99.28%, and the remaining 1–99.28%=0.72% enters the system maintenance and community construction wallets to pay all users With withdrawal of miner fees, system maintenance, and community building rewards for charity ambassadors, the Fraternity platform has truly become a non-profit charity platform with the mission of helping students with love and helping the poor.

50% of the revenue from system maintenance and community building wallets will be used to subsidize the clover that is destroyed on January 9, 2021, until the principal of the clover that is destroyed on January 9 is subsidized. The system maintenance and community construction wallet address TWH3Sqn2nGp9qvV5gun1zhGoJc5FY5549v has been written into the smart contract and cannot be tampered with. Due to the openness and transparency of blockchain accounting, anyone can check the balance of the system maintenance wallet through the TRON blockchain browser TRONSCAN. Funds in and out data, query method: any browser open the link (TRON’s blockchain browser address), enter the system maintenance wallet address TWH3Sqn2nGp9qvV5gun1zhGoJc5FY5549v, you can query.

Looking ahead, the Chinese Lunar New Year in 2021 is approaching. I believe that with the efforts of all our Fraternity families, Fraternity will definitely become a star platform in 2021.

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