Announcement: Fraternity officially launched

3 min readDec 31, 2020

After eight days of public testing of the Fraternity smart contract, the number of registered members exceeded 1,000,the cumulative amount of participation on the platform has reached 2,700,500 US dollars, and the clover global charity fund balance is 10,811.218 US dollars. Through public test data feedback and charitable suggestions, Fraternity’s charity market mechanism will be officially announced and confirmed, and will be automatically executed according to the following smart contracts. Fraternity global charity interaction will be officially launched in Singapore on January 1, 2021.

Fraternity smart contract content:
A. Charity rewards
1. Sign-in once a day will get 1 contribution value (1 cents), and 40 contribution points (40 cents) will be distributed to the local charity community every month for poverty alleviation and education use.
2. Purchase USDT-TRC20 to enter the wallet to participate in the game, each time you participate in 100USDT per round (up to 5 times), each time you participate, you will get 1 lucky number (multiple participation will get multiple), participation time 08:00–14 :00, 18:00–24:00
3. At the end of each round, the system randomly selects a lucky number from 1–5; 6–0. If the single digit is a lucky number, you can get a leaf of clover, and you can synthesize a plant with 4 clover leaves. Clover, you can get a return of 130% of the principal cap, which is 4X100X130%=520USDT
4. 1% of the participation bonus for the user who has not won the lucky number principal refund, that is, 101USDT is returned to the wallet

B. Direct push rewards
1% of the first generation participation amount

C. Team rewards
V1 Little Angel: Directly push 5 valid V0 members and get 0.5% of team participation amount
V2 Little Angel: Form 5 teams, each team has at least 1 V1 member, and get 1.3% of the team’s participation amount
V3 Little Angel: Form 5 teams, each team has at least 1 V2 member, and get 1.9% of the team’s participation amount
V4 Little Angel: Form 5 teams, each team has at least 1 V3 member, and get 2.3% of the team participation amount
V5 Little Angel: Form 5 teams, each team has at least 1 V4 member, and get 2.6% of the team participation amount

D.peer reward
Get 0.2% of all participation amount of the peer team

E. Clover Reward
12.4% of the total participation turnover in each round is evenly distributed to the clover holders, and each clover can get a maximum of 520USDT.

Fraternity smart contract address: TY1rGnXD3nLoCNKzqabWBBtsTfchoprzpp
Fraternity Charity Fund Address: TWHPWmkp3q3YK9AnHYrniEzdXutYhx4zBY

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